Jaljira an easy to make indian beverage which is generally served with appetizers before a meal, also drunk between meals. Popular for its cooling property. Widely popular as a healthy, tasty and inexpensive. Bangar Jaljira Powder is a blend to give a refreshing taste on just adding to water or soda to experience the wonderful taste.

To make an ideal appetizer and digestive drink after heavy meal. It can also be used to sprinkle on fruit salads, vegetable dishes to add a tangy taste to ordinary dishes.

Ingredients :
Chilli, Cumin, Rock Salt, Asafoetida, Mint Leaf, Black Salt, Black Pepper, Dry Ginger, Dry Mango, Malic Acid & Common Salt.

Receipe :
Add 1 tsp Bangar Jaljira powder to 1/2 glass of water squeeze half lime and add salt to taste and stir add water to fill the glass and again stir. Garnish with mint and coriander leaves.


Pack size Pack Type Pkts in carton Net Weight
9 grams Pouch 1200 9.600 Kg.
15 grams Box 300 4.500 Kg.
50 grams Box 120 6 Kg.
100 grams Box 120 12 Kg.